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Blogger Tips Archive

Best Tips For Become Successful bloggers

Everything is possible in the world of technology. Today, many people by blogging has changed his life. He was not have a carrier to his Made blogging carrier and Devoted entirely to his work after he found a new position in the world of blogging means that become successful bloggers and With Google AdSense monthly earning

How to Fix Hacked Website and blogs

Dear readers Today in this article we will Discuss about website security Because these very important for website aspect. Security these days is a big problem if your website has been hacked several large losses may be your website Such as data loss and due to malicious activity on your site ranking likely to be

Now Google deleting Adult blogs

This is your big bad information about adult blogging now He has some of adult content on Blogger platform can not share images or videos publicly because 23 March 2015, after Google almost gave orders to ban all blogs These recent changes within Google’s policy will cause. Adult content on their blogs if any bloggers

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free blog platform where you can create a blog. The service that you can use for free at Blogger.com. If you are new to the world of blogging for you this article will prove very useful.By blogging your friends and relatives about your life can update If you have knowledge of a particular

How to choose creative name of your company

How to choose creative name of your company Some time ago I started a website But a problem was always harassed me What we name its website Keep what name or professional? If you want to start serious business because first you have to keep your company’s unique creative name, So that the Company found