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Blogger Tricks Archive

Import, Export, Delete blog & Blogger other settings

My dear friends, in my last post I told you about Blogger Search preferences settings and today we teach you How to set Blogger other settings that any Blogger blog is very Important. By the way you have many people visiting the other website to read about other Blogger settings, but those tutorial about each

How to set Blogger Search preferences settings

My dear friends, my previous post was taught about Blogger Language and formatting settings, and in this post we’re going to teach about Blogger Search preferences settings. We know that on the Blogger platforms you can created free blogs, In other words if you want to earn money by making your blog on blogger, you can

Blogger Language and formatting settings

My dear friends, my previous post was taught about the Blogger Mobile and email settings, And today, we teach you about how to set blogger Language and formatting settings. Blogger is a platform on which you can create multiple blogs. We know that the blog is a great place to make money. Google company’s Provide Blogger

How to set Blogger Mobile and email settings

My dear friends, in my last post, we talked about the Blogger Posts and comments settings, and today we will teach you about Blogger Mobile and email settings. Blogger is a very nice platform on which we have a range of up to 100 free on the same account can create blogs. Some people probably do

How to Set Blogger Posts and comments settings

My dear friends, I have in my last post How to set Blogger Basic Settings told you about, and today we will tell you about Blogger Posts and comments settings. We do know that Blogger is a platform where we can create free blogs. Blogger platform has been Provide By Google’s. These days, many bloggers have