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Recover Wi-Fi password, which you have forgotten

My dear friends, I told in my last post how to Restore Deleted Data from Hard Drive. And today we’ll explain how to recover Wi-Fi password, which you have forgotten. In this world of technology everything is possible. Number of users who use the Internet constantly growing. There are many users who use the Internet for

How to Recover Deleted Data from Hard Drive

My dear friends, I told you in my previous post, How to Remove Virus from Android device. And in this post we will tell you that How to Recover Deleted Data. In this era of technology, everyone wants to work complete with the help of computers. Today, everyone has computer, laptop etc devices are usually readily

How to make Webcam of Smartphone camera

My dear friends, I told you in the last post How to use Gmail Offline or without Internet. But today we are going to tell you How to make Web cam of smartphone camera. Technology appears to be little to do everything possible in this changing era. By any hard work can be completed in

Make your Laptop and Computer Fast

For all of us in the world of computer technology is a huge achievement. If you are going to buy a new computer, buy a good computer for later any kind of hardware does not need to upgrade. Most people do not care much about the computer maintenance so they often have to face the problem.

How to clean gadgets all, without paying money

In the world of computer technology has made everything much easier for people to use it saves time and eliminates the need to have more people to work. Most people, buying a computer, Smartphone or other device, but cannot find her take maintenance which impair the device that in case of early access. So you should clean gadgets.