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Most Important whatsApp Tips, You must know

My dear friends, I have in my last post Recover Wi-Fi password, which you have forgotten told you about. Most Important whatsApp Tips You must know today and we are going to tell about. Mobile technology has changed the whole world. Many things from coming smartphone have changed. First to each other people call and message was,

How to Fix Smartphone Issues yourself

My dear friends, I have in my last post about the Most Popular Video Uploading Websites you were exposed. And today you can know that How to Fix Smartphone Issues yourself. In today’s time smartphone has become a vital part of life, it comes in a little trouble on the forehead wrinkle occurs, immediately take

How to take Smartphone Data Backup

Friends in today’s world with all its own smartphone and untoward incident is a common thing. You’re going to market as taxi and your smartphone is lost, then you lose the memories attached to their deeds. Because the phone you were photographed with their friends are happy Selfie lost with the same smartphone. So you

Smartphone charging tips to improve battery life

In this era almost all have an own Smartphone. But some people don’t know about some important things. Every Smartphone has its own specification. As each smartphone battery backup to keep the user much teasing. If you want, you can increase your Smartphone’s battery backup. Tips to increase battery life of smartphones stacks By now you will

How to easily Root smartphone or Android phone

Friends, we all know that in this age of technology, almost everyone has a smartphone. But very few people know the right way to manage. How do you take so expensive Android smartphone or why it might be best equipped to specifications, Yet there are too many features or applications, which are not your thing and